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Master the Art: Ultimate Web Designer and Web Developer Course [Last updated 3/2022]

Become a Comprehensive Web Designer and Developer in 2023: From Mastering Web Design Fundamentals to Excelling in Front-End Development.

Created by- Brad Hussey

What you’ll learn in Web Designer and Web Developer Course

  1. Gain practical skills by working on over 23 distinctive web design and development projects.
  2. “Master more than 18 professional disciplines.”
  3. “Plan, design, and program your unique website project from its conceptual stage to its launch.”
  4. “Design, code, and manage robust, customized, responsive websites and applications.”
  5. “Get accustomed to modern web design tools.”
  6. “Develop expertise in coding using HTML & CSS.”
  7. “Construct websites & applications using the power of HTML5 & CSS3.”
  8. “Create basic games and animations with the help of CSS3 and jQuery.”
  9. “Proficiently use Adobe Photoshop for image editing, graphic design and creation.”
  10. “Use modern tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Photoshop for web designing and prototyping.”
  11. “Craft a modern and professional business card leveraging Adobe Photoshop.”
  12. “Acquire foundational understanding of UX and UI design.”
  13. “Understand the fundamentals of visual design.”
  14. “Learn to create wireframes and optimize UX for websites and applications.”
  15. “Understand how to select appropriate font combinations for your projects.”
  16. “Design appealing color schemes based on scientific color theory.”
  17. “Program a basic ‘Tip Calculator’ using Javascript.”
  18. “Fabricate an operational ‘Task Manager’ web application by harnessing jQuery UI.”
  19. “Effortlessly establish web hosting and domain names.”
  20. “Learn to code basic PHP applications.”
  21. “Design, develop, and manage custom database-driven websites using MySQL.”
  22. “Create a fully operational ‘Client Address Book’ using PHP & MySQL.”
  23. “Establish a WordPress blog in a mere five minutes.”
  24. “Effectively manage your client’s WordPress websites.”
  25. “Grasp techniques to land a full-time position as a web designer and web developer.”
  26. “Grasp how to launch a successful freelance journey as a web designer and developer.”
  27. “Learn the ways to earn a full-time income from any of the skills you learn.”
  28. “Embark on a supplementary venture as a web designer and developer.”
  29. “Learn strategies to land your first (or next) web design client.”
 Web Designer and Web Developer

Course Content

  1. “Hello! Let’s start our journey!”
  2. “Diving into Visual Design for Web Designing & Web Development.”
  3. “Designing Interfaces, Graphics & Websites with Figma”
  4. “A Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop”
  5. “Diving Deeper into Web Design (And More About Photoshop)”
  6. “Mastering Web Design Challenge”
  7. “HTML Basics: A Beginner’s Guide”
  8. “Stepping Up: Intermediate HTML”
  9. “Taking HTML to the Next Level: Advanced HTML & HTML5”
  10. “Becoming an Expert in HTML & HTML5”
  11. “The Fundamentals of CSS: An Introduction”
  12. “Stepping Up: Intermediate CSS”
  13. “Taking CSS to the Next Level: Advanced CSS”
  14. “Understanding CSS Flexbox”
  15. “Becoming an Expert in CSS & CSS3”
  16. “Mastering HTML & CSS Challenge”
  17. “Javascript: A Comprehensive Introduction”
  18. “The World of jQuery: An Introduction”
  19. “Going Further: Intermediate jQuery”
  20. “Exploring Advanced jQuery with jQuery UI”
  21. “Building Responsive Designs & Developing with Bootstrap”
  22. “Mastering Bootstrap Challenge”
  23. “Understanding Web Hosting & Domains”
  24. “PHP for Beginners: An Introduction”
  25. “Taking PHP Further: Intermediate Level”
  26. “Getting Started with MySQL Databases”
  27. “Mastering PHP & MySQL Challenge”
  28. “Building Websites with WordPress”
  29. “Career Pathways: Kick-start Your Web Design / Development Journey”
  30. “Legacy Content: Quick Start with AngularJS: Constructing a Single-Page Web Application”
  31. “Legacy Content: Quick Start to WordPress Plugin”
  32. “Archived Material from The First Course Edition”
  33. “Bonus Section: Special Extras”


  1. “No prior experience in web design or coding is required!”
  2. “Fully functional on all operating systems: Mac, PC, Linux”
  3. “Expensive software is not a requirement”


Welcome! If you’re aiming to become a full-stack web designer in 2023, you’re at the right spot. This is the Ultimate Web Designer and Web Developer Course designed just for you!

Presenting you with our all-encompassing Web Designer and Web Developer course, led by Brad Hussey, an esteemed Udemy Partner and seasoned web designer. He comes with an experience exceeding a decade in professional web designing and has mentored more than half a million students globally. Web Designer and Web Developer thorough course, ranging from basic Web Designer and Web Developer to advanced front-end development skills, equips you with every necessary tool to flourish in the realm of web design and development. It prioritizes pivotal learning aspects while steering clear of irrelevant details. Enjoyed by over 80,000 satisfied students, this Udemy course is well-respected by novices and professionals alike.

Throughout Web Designer and Web Developer course, you’ll acquire skills in Adobe Photoshop, Web Designer and Web Developer learn to draft professional wireframes, and gain proficiency in coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. The course also introduces you to responsive design using frameworks such as Bootstrap and the soon to be added, Tailwind CSS. Apart from cultivating your own project, you’ll have the opportunity to work on over 23 designs, Web Designer and Web Developer websites, and applications as you progress through the course.

What kind of projects will you be undertaking during this course?

Alongside developing your own independent project that encourages the application of your freshly-acquired skills, you’ll also be constructing more than 23 personalized projects throughout the duration of web designer and web developer course:

Using Photoshop:

  • Create a personalized web graphic
  • Design a unique business card
  • Construct a contemporary landing page
  • Revamp a blog design

With HTML5 & CSS3:

  • Develop various custom websites and web pages
  • Replicate the Google landing page
  • Create an ‘Orbiting Planets’ animation utilizing CSS3
  • Develop a responsive ‘Startup-Style’ website

Using Javascript & jQuery:

  • Construct a functional ‘Tip Calculator’
  • Create a real-time car racing game
  • Develop a practical ‘To-Do List’ web application

Using PHP & MySQL:

  • Create dynamic websites
  • Build an impressive application that corrects clickbait headlines
  • Develop a working ‘login’ and ‘logout’ sequence
  • Design a profile page that retrieves information from a database
  • Robust ‘Client Address Book’ application to manage your clients’ details
  • Custom WordPress plugin development

Using AngularJS:

  • Develop a Single-Page Application for Real Estate Listings

For WordPress Plugins:

  • Creation of a custom “survey” plugin

…………….and many more

Upon mastering the front-end fundamentals, we’ll dive into more advanced areas such as PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and tailored WordPress plugin development. By the conclusion of web designer and web developer course, you’ll possess the abilities and expertise necessary to kick-start a prosperous web design career, Web Designer and Web Developer be it as an independent freelancer or within a design agency.

But the journey doesn’t stop here! Our course incorporates a career-oriented section that delivers valuable advice, resources, and practical guidance to propel you forward in your new profession. With meticulous direction from one of the most seasoned and zealous web design educators out there, you’re poised to evolve into a successful web designer.

Don’t hold back any longer. Enroll in our web designer and web developer course today and embark on your journey to emerge as a full-stack web designer in 2023!

This course is suitable for

  1. Web designer and web developer and programmers aspiring to significantly enhance their design abilities.
  2. Graphic and web designers aiming to bolster their web development and coding expertise.
  3. Absolute beginners desiring to learn the art of planning, designing, and coding exceptional websites and applications.
  4. Individuals seeking to earn a comfortable income online as a web designer and web developer.
  5. Professionals yearning to transition from their 9-to-5 jobs to a rewarding web design career.
  6. Freelancers aiming to provide higher value to their web design clientele.
  7. Designers and developers interested in understanding how to initiate a successful freelance venture.
  8. Anyone who appreciates a bit of fun and learning!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is this course about?

A1. This is an all-inclusive Web Designer and Web Developer Course aiming to groom you into a proficient full-stack web designer by 2023. The course, designed by Brad Hussey, covers everything from basic web design principles to advanced front-end development skills. It includes learning to use Adobe Photoshop, developing wireframes, and coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Q2. What projects will I work on in this course?

A2. You’ll work on more than 23 projects including creating web graphics and business cards in Photoshop, replicating the Google landing page using HTML5 & CSS3, building functional applications with Javascript & jQuery, and developing dynamic websites using PHP & MySQL.

Q3. What will I learn in this course?

A3. The course imparts expertise in multiple areas of web design and development. You’ll master Adobe Photoshop, wireframing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and responsive design using frameworks like Bootstrap. Additionally, you’ll gain advanced skills in PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and custom WordPress plugin development.

Q4. Who is this course for?

A4. This course is for anyone interested in web design and development. It suits web developers and programmers, graphic and web designers, beginners in web design, professionals aiming to shift their career, and freelancers wanting to provide higher value to their clientele.

Q5. What are the prerequisites for this course?

A5. There are no prerequisites for this course. You don’t need a background in web design or coding, and no expensive software is required. The course works on all operating systems: Mac, PC, Linux.

Q6. How will this course help me in my career?

A6. This course not only equips you with web design and development skills but also provides a career-oriented section with advice, resources, and practical guidance. Whether you’re looking for a job or starting as a freelancer, the course provides insights to propel you in your new profession.

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