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Master R Programming A-Z: Unleash Your Data Science Skills With Real World Exercises! [Last updated 7/2023]

Gain proficiency in R and R Studio, key tools for Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistical Analysis, alongside the usage of Packages, Functions, and mastering the art of visual representation with GGPlot2.

Created by- Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team, Ligency Team

What you’ll learn in R Programming Course

  1. Attain a proficient level in programming with R
  2. Get acquainted with the use of R Studio
  3. Understand essential principles of programming
  4. Learn to create vectors in R
  5. Master the creation of variables
  6. Learn about various types in R such as integer, double, logical, character, etc.
  7. Understand the usage of while() loop and for() loop in R
  8. Gain knowledge on the construction and usage of matrices in R
  9. Learn about the matrix() function, as well as rbind() and cbind() methods
  10. Know how to install R packages
  11. Customize R studio based on your preferences
  12. Comprehend the Law of Large Numbers
  13. Grasp the concept of the Normal distribution
  14. Get practical experience working with statistical data in R
  15. Handle financial data in R
  16. Gain experience working with sports data in R.
R Programming

Course Content

  1. Kickstart Your Journey
  2. Essential Programming Concepts
  3. Basics Of R
  4. Working With Matrices
  5. Understanding Data Frames
  6. Advanced Data Visualization Using GGPlot2
  7. Solutions To Homework Assignments
  8. Exclusive Offers


  • No previous knowledge or experience is required. Just bring a strong desire to succeed!


Acquire R Programming skills through hands-on practice!

There is an abundance of R courses and lessons available. Yet, R Programming presents a significant learning curve and learners can easily feel overwhelmed. This course stands apart!

Our approach to this course is genuinely step-by-step. With each new tutorial, we build upon the knowledge gained in previous lessons, advancing incrementally.

After each video, you grasp a new important concept that can be immediately applied. The cherry on the top is that all learning is done via live examples.

This course is filled with real-world analytical challenges that you’ll learn to tackle. While some of these challenges will be solved together during the course, others will be given as homework exercises for you to practice independently.

In essence, R Programming course has been curated to cater to all skill levels. So, irrespective of whether you have a background in programming or statistics, you’re assured success in this course!

I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting you in the class,

Here’s what you’ll master:

  • Get comfortable with using R Studio
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of R programming
  • Understand how to generate vectors in R
  • Master the creation of variables
  • Grasp various types in R such as integer, double, logical, character, and others
  • Discover how to create a while() loop and a for() loop in R
  • Learn how to construct and utilize matrices in R
  • Comprehend the matrix() function, along with rbind() and cbind()
  • Become skilled at installing packages in R

With warm regards,

Kirill Eremenko

This Course is suitable for:

  1. You’re interested in learning R programming.
  2. You’ve had enough of R Programming courses that make things unnecessarily complicated.
  3. You’re a hands-on learner who prefers learning by doing.
  4. You enjoy tackling and overcoming exciting challenges.
  5. You’re ready and willing to dedicate time for homework assignments in order to truly master the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What will I learn in this R Programming course?

A1. This course will equip you with the knowledge of programming in R. You will learn how to use R Studio, generate vectors, create variables, construct matrices, and install R packages, among other things.

Q2. What skills will I gain from this course?

A2. This course will enable you to understand the principles of programming and the use of the different functions of R. You’ll learn to handle and analyze statistical, financial, and sports data. You’ll also get acquainted with different types in R such as integer, double, logical, character, and more.

Q3. Is this course suitable for beginners?

A3. Absolutely! This course is designed to accommodate all skill levels, including absolute beginners. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Q4. Will I get any practical experience during the course?

A4. Yes, the course is designed with a hands-on approach. You will have homework assignments, and the course also includes working with real-world data for practical understanding.

Q5. What makes this R Programming course different from others?

A5. This course adopts a unique, step-by-step approach that builds on previous lessons, making it easier for you to grasp and remember the concepts. Also, learning is done via live examples which makes it very engaging.

Q6. Who is the ideal candidate for this course?

A6. Anyone interested in learning R programming, prefers hands-on learning, enjoys tackling challenges, and is ready to dedicate time for homework to master the content would find this course beneficial.

Q7. Who is the instructor of this course? A7. The course is taught by Kirill Eremenko, who is a part of the SuperDataScience and Ligency Teams.

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