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Complete Android App Development Mastery with Kotlin [XML and Compose] 2023

Develop Powerful Applications with kotlin using XML & Jetpack Compose: Mastering MVVM, Retrofit, ROOM DB, Firebase, Jetpack, MySQL, JSON, and Beyond…

Created by- Abbass Masri

What you’ll learn

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Kotlin, including syntax, loops, conditions, and variables.
  2. Understand object-oriented programming concepts in Kotlin, such as classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and interfaces.
  3. Explore data structures like lists, maps, trees, and collections in Kotlin.
  4. Utilize lambda expressions and anonymous functions in Kotlin.
  5. Acquaint yourself with the user interface of Android Studio.
  6. Work with various Android views in XML, such as buttons, text views, edit texts, image views, rating bars, and seek bars.
  7. Create different layouts in XML, including linear, constraint, and relative layouts.
  8. Gain knowledge about app components like intents, manifest files, and Gradle.
  9. Use RecyclerView, CardView, ViewPager, ListView, TabLayout, and Navigation Drawer in Android app development.
  10. Implement data persistence techniques in Android using shared preferences, SQLite database, and ROOM database.
  11. Explore Android Jetpack components such as data binding, live data, view model, and navigation.
  12. Learn Kotlin coroutines for handling asynchronous programming tasks.
  13. Apply the MVVM architecture with ROOM database for parsing data from local storage.
  14. Implement the MVVM architecture pattern with Retrofit for parsing data from JSON files.
  15. Use the MVVM architecture with a MySQL database for parsing data from a local host.
  16. Understand dependency injection techniques in Android.
  17. Utilize Firebase services such as Firestore, Firebase Storage, and Firebase Authentication.
  18. Explore various Jetpack Compose composables, including images, text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and scaffolds.
  19. Gain proficiency in additional Jetpack Compose composables like cards, lazy columns, lazy rows, and lazy vertical grids.
  20. Understand state management concepts in Jetpack Compose.
  21. Learn to navigate between screens using the navigation component in Jetpack Compose.
  22. Implement view models in Jetpack Compose for managing UI-related data.
  23. Build an Actors App using the MVVM architecture pattern, Retrofit, and Jetpack Compose.
  24. Develop a Library App using the MVVM architecture pattern, ROOM database, and Jetpack Compose.
  25. Explore additional exciting topics and techniques to enhance your Android app development skills.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Android App Development with Kotlin [XML + COMPOSE]
  • Getting Started with Android Studio
  • Exploring Android Studio in Depth
  • Fundamentals of Kotlin Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Kotlin
  • Understanding Kotlin Data Structures
  • Practical Exercises in Kotlin
  • Lambda Expressions and Higher Order Functions in Kotlin
  • Working with Views and Widgets
  • Building a Unit Converter App
  • Creating Layouts for Android Apps
  • Understanding App Components
  • Developing a Lucky Number App
  • Managing App Resources
  • Building a Music Player App
  • Creating a Video Player App
  • Developing a French Teacher App
  • Mastering ListViews with the World Cup App
  • Implementing RecyclerView in the Vaccines App
  • Enhancing App UI with CardView in the Top Games App
  • Exploring Fragments and Their Life Cycle
  • Building a Navigation Drawer App
  • Implementing a View Pager App
  • Creating a Tab Layout App
  • Data Saving and Shared Preferences in Android
  • Introduction to Android JetPack
  • Data Binding in Android
  • Implementing View Model in Android
  • Working with LiveData in Android
  • Introduction to MVVM Architecture and ROOM
  • Building a Contacts Manager App using MVVM and ROOM
  • Navigation in Android Apps
  • Creating a Note Taking App using MVVM and ROOM
  • Asynchronous Programming with Kotlin Coroutines
  • Consuming RESTful APIs with Retrofit
  • Understanding Dependency Injection in Android
  • Developing The Movies App using MVVM, ROOM, and Retrofit
  • Building a Quiz App with MySQL, MVVM, and Retrofit
  • Exploring Firebase Integration with Kotlin
  • Working with Firestore in Kotlin
  • Building a Journal App using Firestore, Storage, and Firebase Authentication
  • Introduction to Jetpack Compose – Transitioning from XML to Composables
  • Building Basic Composables in Jetpack Compose
  • State Management in Jetpack Compose
  • Exploring More Composables in Jetpack Compose
  • Implementing Lists in Jetpack Compose
  • Creating Responsive Layouts with Constraint Layout in Jetpack Compose
  • Building a Credit Card App using Jetpack Compose
  • Navigating between Screens with Navigation Component in Jetpack Compose
  • Developing a My Courses App using Jetpack Compose
  • Utilizing View Model in Jetpack Compose
  • Implementing MVVM Architecture with Jetpack Compose
  • Building The Library App using MVVM, ROOM, and Compose
  • Creating The Actors App using MVVM, Retrofit, and Compose


  • You will need a computer that operates on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.
  • No prior programming knowledge required
  • All necessary programming concepts and skills will be taught in the course


Are you eager to venture into the world of Android app development and create your own applications? Whether you have no prior programming experience or have dabbled in other programming languages, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive course is designed to take you from a beginner to an Android app development hero. With step-by-step explanations and a meticulously crafted curriculum, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to create professional Android apps.

Perhaps you have a fantastic app idea and simply need to learn how to turn it into a reality. Or maybe you’re known among your friends for your tech-savviness, and they consistently approach you with their brilliant app concepts, counting on you to bring them to life. This course is perfect for you. Regardless of the purpose behind your app creations, whether it’s for your company, friends, personal business, or simply for fun, this course will empower you to become a proficient Android app developer.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll receive the best Android app development education available on Udemy. You’ll gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to build your own apps and unlock endless possibilities in the world of Android app development.

Enroll in this Android app development course to receive:

  1. Extensive video content:
    • Access over 50 hours of high-quality 1080p videos.
    • Benefit from detailed tutorials and demonstrations.
  2. Complete code and guides:
    • Obtain the full code for each project with step-by-step instructions.
    • Follow along with the instructor or explore on your own in Android Studio.
  3. Interactive exercises:
    • Participate in practical exercises to strengthen your comprehension.
    • Practice and apply the concepts taught in the course.
  4. Top-rated Android 13 app development course:
    • Recognized as one of the best courses available for Android app development.
    • Learn from experienced instructors and a well-structured curriculum.

In this Android app development course, you will have the opportunity to build a wide range of exciting apps, including:

  1. Build the Lucky Number App
  2. Develop the Unit Converter App
  3. Create a Music Player App
  4. Design a Video Player App
  5. Build the French Teacher App
  6. Develop the World Cup App
  7. Create the Top Games App
  8. Build the Vaccines App
  9. Develop the Fragments App
  10. Design the Navigation Drawer App
  11. Create the View Pager App
  12. Build the Tab Layout App
  13. Develop the View Model App
  14. Design the Data Binding App
  15. Create the Contacts Manager App [MVVM + ROOM Database + Data Binding]
  16. Develop the Navigation App
  17. Design the Coroutines App
  18. Build the Movies App [MVVM + ROOM + Retrofit + Data Binding]
  19. Develop the Quiz App [MySQL + MVVM + Retrofit + Data Binding]
  20. Create the Firebase Real-Time DB App
  21. Design the Firestore App
  22. Build the Journal App [Firestore + Storage + Authentication]
  23. Develop the Unit Converter [Jetpack Compose]
  24. Design the Credit Cards App [Jetpack Compose]
  25. Create the Library App [Jetpack Compose]
  26. Develop the Courses App [Jetpack Compose]
  27. Build the Counter App [Jetpack Compose]

Embark on an exciting journey today and transform yourself into a skilled Android app developer in just 6 weeks! This comprehensive course covers all the essential techniques and concepts of Android app development. Get ready to have a blast as you delve into the captivating world of creating Android applications.

Time is precious, so don’t hesitate any longer – dive right into action! This course offers meticulously curated content that includes engaging example applications, interactive exercises, informative presentations, and insightful demos. Our ultimate aim is to empower you to become a successful Android developer. Rest assured, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. If you encounter any challenges, simply post your questions in the Q&A section and we’ll be there to guide you.

We want you to feel confident in your decision to join this world-class Android app development course. So why wait? Click the “Buy now” button and seize the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in the exciting realm of Android development. Embrace this chance for personal and professional growth in a field that holds limitless possibilities.

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This course is suitable for:

  • Individuals seeking to learn coding from scratch and become proficient in it.
  • Those in search of a comprehensive coding course that covers all the essential aspects.
  • Individuals aspiring to publish their own apps on the Play Store.
  • Those aiming to develop professional and well-structured architecture apps.
  • Individuals with a strong desire to become professional Android app developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What will I learn from this course?

A: By taking this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Kotlin programming, object-oriented programming concepts, data structures, working with Android Studio, XML layouts, app components, Android Jetpack components, data persistence techniques, coroutines for asynchronous programming, MVVM architecture with various databases and JSON, dependency injection, Firebase integration, Jetpack Compose, and more. You will also build several apps throughout the course to apply your knowledge.

Q: What are the requirements for this course?

A: The requirements for this course include a computer running on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. No prior programming knowledge is required as all necessary concepts and skills will be taught in the course.

Q: Is this course suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, this course is suitable for beginners who have no prior programming experience. The course starts with the fundamentals of Kotlin and gradually progresses to more advanced topics, making it accessible for beginners.

Q: How long is the course?

A: The course offers over 50 hours of video content, covering a wide range of topics in Android app development.

Q: Can I get support if I have questions or face challenges during the course?

A: Yes, the course includes a dedicated support team that is available to assist you. You can post your questions in the Q&A section of the course, and the support team will be there to guide you.

Q: Are there any additional courses recommended?

A: Yes, the course “From Beginner to Advanced: Android App Development with Kotlin in 2023” is recommended as another course to explore in the field of Android app development.

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