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Master in Complete Android 14 Developer Course – Build 100 Apps

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Acquire proficiency in Android 14 Developer Course App Development using both Java & Kotlin languages. Embark on a journey to transform from a beginner to an Android master.

Created by- Abbass Masri

What you’ll learn in Android 14 Developer Course

  1. Acquire skills in Android App Development starting from scratch and rise to an expert level.
  2. Construct genuine apps and make them available on the Play Store.
  3. Attain mastery over basic, intermediate, and advanced topics along with programming skills.
  4. Emerge as a proficient Native app developer.
Android 14 Developer Course

Course Content

  1. Welcoming Introduction to Course
  2. Beginning Journey with Android Studio
  3. Understanding Structure of Android Studio
  4. Initiating with Java Basics
  5. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java
  6. Java Coding Exercises – 10 Tasks
  7. Exploring Views & Widgets
  8. Developing a Unit Converter App
  9. Understanding Layouts
  10. Key Components of an App
  11. Creating a Lucky Number App
  12. Managing App Resources
  13. Diving Deeper into Widgets
  14. Creating a French Teacher App
  15. Using Libraries & Dependencies
  16. World Cup App – Customizing ListView
  17. Vaccines App – Using RecyclerView
  18. Creating Top Games App with CardView
  19. Introduction to Fragments
  20. Methods of Data Storage
  21. Android JetPack Essentials
  22. ROOM Database Explained
  23. Android JetPack – Unfolding Data Binding
  24. Learning Management App – Complete MVVM Project with ROOM Database
  25. Mastering the REST API with Retrofit
  26. Movie Pro App – Complete MVVM Project with Retrofit & Data Binding
  27. Constructing a Film Application with Paging Library, MVVM, and Data Binding
  28. Work Manager – A Part of Android JetPack
  29. Navigation Framework within Android JetPack
  30. Exploring Firebase
  31. Firebase Firestore Basics
  32. The Journal App – Implementing Firebase Authentication & Storage
  33. Machine Learning Kit – Converting Images to Text App
  34. Language Translator App using ML Kit
  35. Creating an OCR App with Firebase ML Kit
  36. Developing a QR Code Scanner App with Firebase ML Kit
  37. Face Detection App using Firebase ML Kit
  38. Firebase Cloud Messaging App Explained
  39. Understanding Google Maps Integration
  40. Animation & Material Design in Detail
  41. Working with JSON & RESTFUL API
  42. Retrofit & Networking – Building Movie Apps
  43. Developing a REST API using MVVM and Retrofit2 for a Film Application
  44. Developing a Quiz App using MVVM with MYSQL
  45. Advanced Techniques with RecyclerView
  46. Integrating Admob in Your App
  47. Theoritical Overview of Dependency Injection
  48. Patterns in Architecture: MVC, MVP & MVVM
  49. Dagger2 for Dependency Injection
  50. Practical Usage of Dependency Injection – Building DI app
  51. Bonus Material for the Course
  52. [Kotlin] – Setup and Installation of Android Studio and SDK
  53. [Kotlin] – Getting Familiar with Android Studio UI
  54. [Kotlin] – Beginning with Kotlin Basics
  55. [Kotlin] – Object-Oriented Programming Explained in Kotlin
  56. [Kotlin] – Data Structures in Kotlin Demystified
  57. [Kotlin] – Hands-On Coding Exercises
  58. [Kotlin] – Working with Views in Android
  59. [Kotlin] – Developing a Unit Converter App
  60. [Kotlin] – Layouts in Android Unpacked
  61. [Kotlin] – Components of an App
  62. [Kotlin] – Building a Lucky Number App
  63. [Kotlin] – Managing Resources in Your App
  64. [Kotlin] – Developing a Video Player App
  65. [Kotlin] – French Teacher App Created
  66. [Kotlin] – World Cup App – ListView Usage
  67. [Kotlin] – Vaccines App – Utilizing RecyclerView
  68. [Kotlin] – Top Games App – Leveraging CardView
  69. [Kotlin] – Fragments in Android: A Comprehensive Study
  70. [Kotlin] – Implementing Navigation Drawer
  71. [Kotlin] – Developing a View Pager App
  72. [Kotlin] – Creating a Tab Layout App
  73. [Kotlin] – Understanding Data Storage in Android
  74. [Kotlin] – Introduction to the World of Android JETPACK
  75. [Kotlin] – Data Binding in Android Unleashed
  76. [Kotlin] – Using View Model in Android
  77. [Kotlin] – Leveraging Live Data in Android
  78. [Kotlin] – Understanding MVVM Architecture in Android
  79. [Kotlin] – MVVM + ROOM for Contacts Manager App
  80. [Kotlin] – Navigating with Jetpack
  81. [Kotlin] – MVVM + ROOM for Note Taking App
  82. [Kotlin] – Understanding Coroutines in Kotlin
  83. [Kotlin] – Using Retrofit in Android
  84. [Kotlin] – Developing a Quiz App with MySQL, MVVM, and Retrofit


  • Zero Prior Requirements Needed


Are you eager to become an Android 14 Developer Course and begin creating your own applications?

Do you prefer the convenience of learning from your own computer at home?

Are traditional classroom settings not your preference?

Do you want to stay updated with the newest technologies and app development practices?

Do you have innovative ideas that you’d like to bring to life through your own handcrafted apps?

Hello, I’m Abbass Masri, the mind behind the globally best-selling Android educational application named “Master Android App”. I have meticulously designed The Comprehensive Android 14 Developer Course, particularly with you in mind.

Upon enrolling in this course, here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll be guided in learning Android 14 Developer Course app development from scratch.
  • Access to source codes for all the projects within Android 14 Developer course will be provided.
  • By the end of this course, you’ll have about 100 apps created under your belt.

Hesitate no more!

Kickstart your coding journey now by enrolling in our Android 14 Developer course.

As I’ve previously aided 800,000 students in mastering Android, I am committed to assisting you in becoming a professional too.

Take action now, seize the moment, and let’s not delay your success!


  1. A Personal Computer
  2. Java JDK (We’ll guide you through the process of downloading and installing it during the course)
  3. Android Studio (We’ll assist you in downloading and installing it during the course)

Software we will utilize:

  1. Android Studio (The course includes a guide to the installation process)

Here’s what you will gain from the course:

  • Develop applications for the latest version of Android 7 Nougat, ensuring compatibility with older Android devices and versions.
  • Understand how to download, install, and set up the necessary (free) software.
  • Construct your inaugural application.
  • Craft a variety of applications demonstrating key features of the Android framework.
  • Evaluate your applications on emulators or actual Android phones or tablets.
  • You’ll acquire Java programming skills, a necessity for Android 14 Developer Course app development. The course includes Java tutorial videos for quick learning.
  • Guarantee that your applications are compatible with both current and older Android versions on phones and tablets.
  • Utilize Android Studio, the most recent version of Google’s premier Android tool.
  • Discover how to leverage databases, web services, and even enable your apps to have voice functionalities!
  • Understand the new Constraint layout, enabling “drag and drop” screen creation.
  • Utilize powerful code libraries to play videos, download website data, manipulate images, among other functionalities!
  • Learn about the MVVM Android 14 Developer Coursearchitecture pattern.
  • Construct MVVM + ROOM Applications
  • Build MVVM + Retrofit Applications
  • Develop MVVM applications with MySQL Databases
  • Create Applications using Firebase
  • Construct Applications using Firestore
  • Develop Applications using Authentication, Firebase Storage, and much more!

So, why wait any longer? Enroll now to dive into the exciting world of Android coding………..

This course is suitable for

  1. Individuals possessing a keen interest in Android.
  2. All developers, irrespective of their existing expertise.
  3. Anyone looking to embark on a career in coding.
  4. Anyone aspiring to have their personally developed apps published on the Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does this Android 14 Developer Course offer?

A: This course equips you with skills to develop Android apps from scratch, in both Java and Kotlin. It enables you to construct about 100 apps, offering source codes for all projects and comprehensive guidance on Android app development from beginner to expert level.

Q: What are the requirements for this course?

A: There are no prior requirements. You need a PC, and we’ll guide you to download and install Java JDK and Android Studio during the course.

Q: How is this course structured?

A: The course starts with an introduction to Android Studio and Java basics. It covers a wide range of topics from views, widgets, app components, app resources, to more advanced subjects like Firebase, Android JetPack, Data Binding, MVVM architecture, and more.

Q: Who is the instructor for this course?

A: The course is created and instructed by Abbass Masri, the creator of the world’s best-selling Android teaching app, “Master Android App.”

Q: Who should enroll for this Android 14 Developer Course?

A: This course is suitable for individuals interested in Android, developers of all levels, anyone aspiring to start a career in coding, and anyone desiring to publish their personally developed apps on the Play Store.

Q: What kind of support can I expect during the course?

A: As with the 800,000 students who have learned Android under Abbass Masri, you can expect guided assistance to become a proficient Android developer.

Q: Does the course teach me about the latest Android technologies?

A: Yes, this course covers Android 7 Nougat and incorporates the latest software, Android Studio. It also includes topics like MVVM, ROOM, Retrofit, Firebase, Firestore, and more.

Q: Will I be able to publish my apps on the Play Store after this course?

A: Yes, the course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical projects that can help you create real-world apps ready to be published on the Play Store.

Q: What programming languages does the course teach?

A: This course teaches app development in both Java and Kotlin languages, providing an understanding of Java programming basics and offering tutorials for quick learning.

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