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The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp

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Embark on a Advanced Web Developer bootcamp learning journey that covers React 16, Redux, D3, ES2015, Testing, CSS Flexbox, Animations, SVG, AJAX, and a host of other vital topics!

Created by: Colt Steele, Elie schoppik, Tim Garcia, Matt Lane

What you'll learn in Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp Course

  1. Create genuine web applications utilizing innovative technologies.
  2. Develop responsive applications leveraging modern CSS technologies, such as flexbox.
  3. Construct JSON APIs employing Node, Express, and MongoDB.
  4. Master the prevalent front-end library, React, and comprehend fundamentals about state, props, and component lifecycle.
  5. Utilize Babel and Webpack for code transpiling and bundling.
  6. Understand the Virtual DOM and React's reconciliation process.
  7. Apply Component Lifecycle methods in React for appropriate AJAX call execution.
  8. Secure Node, Express, Mongo, and React applications on both front-end and back-end using bcrypt and JSON Web Tokens.
  9. Implement routing in a single-page application with React's popular routing library, React Router.
  10. Manage State using a centralized store via Redux.
  11. Integrate Redux with a React application to construct scalable production applications with client-side state management.
  12. Choose and manipulate elements in the DOM using D3.
  13. Develop dynamic visualizations using D3 and SVG.
  14. Use D3 to create scatterplots, histograms, pie charts, and force graphs.
  15. Build intriguing map visualizations with GeoJSON and TopoJSON.
  16. Master handling asynchronous code using callbacks, promises, generators, and async functions.
  17. Understand how JavaScript manages asynchronous code using the Event Loop with Stack, Heap, and Queue.
  18. Leverage sophisticated array methods to establish a robust comprehension of functional programming.
  19. Create dynamic single-page applications using AJAX.
  20. Structure applications using design patterns, closure, and modules.
  21. Explain how Object-Oriented Programming works with a comprehensive understanding of the 'this' keyword and the 'new' keyword.
  22. Refactor code using 'call', 'apply', and 'bind' to eliminate duplication.
  23. Use jQuery to build single-page applications and comprehend the limitations of solely using jQuery.
  24. Create block scope with the 'let' keyword and use the 'const' keyword to prevent variable redeclaration.
  25. Simplify code using arrow functions and master method binding without using the 'bind' keyword.
  26. Use default parameters, 'for of' loops, and the 'rest' and 'spread' operators to write more concise and maintainable code.
  27. Refactor an ES5 application to utilize ES2015.
  28. Master the new class syntax, create instance methods, class methods.
  29. Execute inheritance in ES2015 by employing 'extends' and 'super'.
  30. Utilize newer data structures like Maps and Sets to solve problems more effectively.
  31. Learn cutting-edge features of the JavaScript language with ES2016, 2017, as well as experimental JavaScript additions.
Web Developer bootcamp

Course Content

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. CSS Animations: Exploring Transforms and Transitions
  3. CSS Animations: Understanding Keyframes
  4. Advanced CSS: Layout Design with Flexbox
  5. Project: Construction of a Startup Site
  6. Foundations of Asynchronous Programming
  7. AJAX Part 1: Exploring XHR and Fetch
  8. AJAX Part 2: Utilizing jQuery and Axios
  9. Testing Methods with Jasmine
  10. Exploring Advanced Array Methods
  11. Understanding Closures and the Keyword 'this'
  12. Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript
  13. Development of JSON APIs with Node and Mongo
  14. Codealong Project: Building a Single Page Todo List with Express, Mongo, and jQuery
  15. ES2015 Part I - Introduction
  16. ES2015 Project - Guess the Password
  17. ES2015 Part II - Advanced Concepts
  18. Exploring ES2016 and ES2017
  19. D3 and DOM Interaction
  20. Understanding Data Joins and Update Patterns in D3
  21. Working with SVG and D3
  22. Intermediate Concepts of D3
  23. Miscellaneous D3 Topics and Advanced Graph Types
  24. Project: Building a Data Dashboard using D3
  25. Introduction to React and JSX
  26. Exploring 'Create React App' and Props
  27. Understanding State in React
  28. The Virtual DOM, Event Handling, and Forms in React
  29. React Component Lifecycle Methods
  30. Building A Full-Stack Application with React
  31. Navigating with React Router
  32. Introduction to Redux
  33. In-Depth Redux Code Walkthrough
  34. Introduction to Warbler and Backend Part 1
  35. Warbler Backend Development Part 2
  36. Warbler Frontend Development Part 1
  37. Warbler Frontend Development Part 2


  1. Possess a foundational knowledge of HTML and CSS
  2. Understand the basics of JavaScript, including how to define variables, apply conditional logic, use loops, work with objects, arrays, and functions
  3. Be ready to construct real web applications using the most current JavaScript technologies!


Hello! Welcome to the Comprehensive Web Developer Bootcamp Masterclass, a thorough program aimed at equipping you with the latest tools, technologies, and libraries necessary to become an expert web developer Bootcamp. Consider this course as a compendium of essential knowledge needed to elevate your developer abilities to new heights.

While several online training options exist, we're confident that Web Developer Bootcamp course stands out as the most comprehensive and, frankly, the top-tier one available - here's why:

  1. Web Developer Bootcamp course is instructed by professional bootcamp educators. The content you'll absorb has been delivered to hundreds of students physically and reached hundreds of thousands digitally.
  2. Everything we cover in this course is cutting-edge, even anticipating future trends to equip you for what lies ahead. Our focus is on the most widely used technologies, libraries, and frameworks.
  3. This stands as the singular full-stack developer curriculum encompassing Advanced CSS, Progressive JavaScript, NodeJS, D3, React, and Redux in a comprehensive manner!
  4. We construct over 10 projects and present dozens of code challenges with solutions to ensure you grasp the content and are not simply observing us explain!
  5. You get to be acquainted with our delightful course mascot - Whiskey the dog!

In this course, we delve into a plethora of tools and technologies, which includes:

  1. The use of React
  2. Implementing React-Router
  3. Working with Redux
  4. Employing CSS3 Transitions, Transforms, and Animations
  5. Testing methodologies with Jasmine
  6. Visualization techniques with D3
  7. The creation and manipulation of SVG
  8. The crafting of charts, force graphs, and diverse data visualizations
  9. Utilizing ES2015's keywords, arrow functions, class syntax, and much more
  10. Incorporating ES2016 and ES2017's cutting-edge additions to JavaScript
  11. Understanding Callbacks, Promises, Generators, and Async Functions
  12. Constructing APIs using Node.js
  13. Developing Single Page Applications
  14. Object-Oriented Programming methodologies in JavaScript
  15. Deep-dive into closures and the 'this' keyword in JavaScript
  16. The principles of Functional Programming in JavaScript
  17. Implementing Authentication and Authorization mechanisms
  18. Handling Asynchronous Code in JavaScript.

Web Developer Bootcamp course has a unique structure and presentation style. Unlike many online courses that predominantly comprise a sequence of "watch me code" videos, this course takes a different approach. Incorporating my teaching experience, I've made this course not just more effective, but also more engaging. The course encompasses:

  1. Informative Lectures
  2. Interactive Code-Alongs
  3. Real-life Projects
  4. Exercises with provided Solutions
  5. Insightful Research Assignments
  6. Presentation Slides
  7. Downloadable Resources
  8. Essential Readings.

Indeed, the Web Developer Bootcamp Masterclass is more than just a course. It's a full-fledged journey into the world of web development, where you're not just a passive learner but an active participant. You'll be diving head-first into coding challenges, tackling real-world projects, and getting hands-on experience with the latest web technologies. Our primary goal is not just to impart knowledge, but to shape you into a competent, confident, and innovative web developer.

One of the highlights of Web Developer Bootcamp course is its attention to practical, real-world applications of web development. It's not just about learning how to code, but also about understanding how to solve problems, how to innovate, and how to adapt in this ever-evolving technological landscape. We expose you to different aspects of web development - front-end, back-end, and even testing and security. This way, you don't just understand how to write code, but also how to write efficient, reliable, and secure code.

In addition to all of the above, we have a friendly and supportive community of learners. You'll be able to collaborate, network, and learn from your peers. Web Developer Bootcamp kind of collaborative learning environment not only enhances your understanding but also provides you with a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment. Furthermore, our instructors, along with their extensive experience in teaching, bring to the table their real-world experiences and insights, ensuring that you learn not just the theory but also the practical, on-the-ground reality of being a web developer.

Enroll in the Comprehensive Web Developer Bootcamp Masterclass today and begin your journey of becoming a successful Web Developer Bootcamp. You'll be stepping into a vibrant, exciting, and in-demand field, and we're here to make sure you are fully prepared to meet it head-on. This course is not just an investment in your education, but an investment in your future. So why wait? Your journey towards becoming a modern JavaScript web developer begins here.

In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. With a cumulative experience of four years in the field of education, we relish the opportunity to assist individuals and guide students on their learning journey. Enroll now and discover the thrilling, intriguing, and fulfilling world of web development!

Should you seek a SINGLE COURSE that provides all the requisite knowledge to thrive as a contemporary JavaScript web developer, this course is your ideal choice.

This Course is suitable for

  1. Web Developer Bootcamp course is tailored for those desiring to further expand their knowledge in web development.
  2. It's a perfect fit for those already familiar with the fundamentals, but who aspire to investigate advanced concepts and technologies necessary for thriving as a developer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who are the instructors for the Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp Masterclass?

A1: The course is instructed by professional bootcamp educators: Colt Steele, Elie Schoppik, Tim Garcia, and Matt Lane. They have collectively reached hundreds of thousands of students both physically and digitally.

Q2: What makes this Web Developer Bootcamp course unique?

A2: This course not only covers a wide range of advanced topics such as React, Redux, D3, NodeJS, etc., but also includes hands-on projects, code challenges, and other interactive methods of learning. Plus, it anticipates future industry trends, preparing students for what lies ahead.

Q3: What is the teaching methodology of this course?

A3: The course incorporates a mix of informative lectures, interactive code-alongs, real-life projects, exercises with solutions, and research assignments. It also provides downloadable resources, presentation slides, and essential readings for comprehensive learning.

Q4: Is Web Developer Bootcamp course suitable for someone already familiar with web development basics?

A4: Absolutely. This course is ideal for those who have a foundational understanding of web development but aspire to learn advanced concepts and technologies to thrive in the field.

Q5: What are some of the main technologies and topics Web Developer Bootcamp course covers?

A5: This course dives into a wide range of topics including React, Redux, NodeJS, CSS3, Jasmine, D3, ES2015 and beyond, and more. It also covers practical aspects like building APIs, creating single-page applications, and object-oriented programming in JavaScript.

Q6: Do I need any specific prerequisites to take Web Developer Bootcamp course?

A6: A foundational knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required. A willingness to build real web applications using the most current JavaScript technologies is also recommended.

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